We founded our company with the commitment to offer the best in client services.  Our mission is to use our technical expertise and skills in order to provide appropriate, affordable environmental solutions for all of our clients - large and small.


Field Services

Aegis Environmental Services provides the following field services for your environmental compliance needs:


  1. Site Assesments (Due Diligence)

  2. Phase I, II and III

  3. UST Tank Removal

  4. Sump and Pit Cleaning

  5. AST Tank Cleaning

  6. Soil Remediation

  7. Asbestos Inspections and Abatement

  8. Mold Inspection

  9. Lead Inspections and Abatement

  10. Facility Closure


Technical Service

Aegis Environmental Services provides the following technical services for your environmental compliance needs:


  1. Chemical Lab Pack Service

  2. Pharmaceutical Waste Management

  3. Waste to Energy

  4. Material Reuse and Recycling

  5. Special Waste Management

  6. E-waste Recycling

  7. Fluorescent Bulbs and Batteries Collection


We employ experienced field chemists who segregate, package, label and/or stage your waste for shipment to an extensive network of permitted disposal facilities.  We handle soil, sediment, liquid, drummed, lab pack and high hazard waste.


Every project is managed by certified Hazardous Materials Managers (CHMMs). These highly trained personnel have achieved independent board recognition through testing and skills verification.

Our Services

Complete Environmental Compliance Solutions

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