Aegis Environmental Services has an established reputation for providing consistent, accurate consulting and waste management services to research laboratories, manufacturing facilities, educational institutions and pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities.  From complete waste disposal management and laboratory chemical packing, to onsite environmental and industrial services, Aegis Environmental Services provides technically sound, cost-effective solutions to companies operating throughout the United States.


Integrated Services 

While we are best known for our Hazardous Waste Management expertise, Aegis Environmental Services offers exceptional services across the board, including services such as, facility closures, tank cleaning and removal, safety training, and auditing. In many cases, we can manage a project from start to finish, either providing all services in- house or managing the outsourcing.


Commitment to Quality

Because our work directly affects people and the environment every day, there is a tremendous responsibility associated with what we do. With a full understanding of this responsibility, our level of commitment to quality and operational excellence is unwavering.  Each project is assigned to a Project Manager or Principal who has met stringent educational, experience, professional certification and ethical requirements.

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Complete Environmental Compliance Solutions

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Commitment to Environment, Safety, and Health (ES&H) 

The foundation of Aegis Environmental Services' Environment, Safety and Health management system is our commitment to ES&H excellence at all levels of operation. This commitment is reflected in our daily work activities, which incorporate regulatory requirements as well as industry-wide best practices. We also encourage our employees to protect the environment by minimizing waste, reusing and recycling materials, and responsibly managing energy use. Our comprehensive manual of Environment, Safety and Health programs, policies, and procedures is evaluated annually to ensure it continually supports our efforts to become a world-class organization.

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